Location, Location, Geolocation

My favourite digital marketing news website MarketingTech has recently released an article written by Andy Ashley that perfectly matches a dream I had a couple of nights ago…

…I was enjoying a nice stroll along Punt Road towards the MCG to watch an AFL match between the Demons and the Magpies. As I drew closer to the stadium, an alert on my phone notified me of fantastic deals the merchandise store ahead was offering.

Image Source: Marketing Tech News

It became clear to me while reading this article that my dream is in fact becoming the imminent reality of current digital marketing strategies and the explosion of all things ‘geolocation’.

There are many examples of geolocation techniques currently being adopted:

Wholefoods in the US has placed geofences around a number of its stores, which trigger special offers and advertisements for mobile users passing by.

Image Source: Beaconstac

This specific example yielded a 4.7% post-click through rate of which was three times more than the average in the US.

The proof is in the pudding; geolocation marketing strategies work!

They don’t need to be complicated either. In fact, 7-Eleven’s fuel app allows users to use their location and lock in the cheapest local price but fill up at their nearest petrol station. A simple yet effective strategy using a customer’s location to drive sales.

Image Source: 7Eleven

Lynn Baus of Marketing Land also contends that consumers are far more likely to consider shopping information related to their current location than options not related to their location.

To affirm this, Google noted that ‘near me’ searches grew more than 130%, further indicating the desire customers have to retrieve information relating to their current location is intently growing.

I for one am excited for what the future holds and to see how new geolocation innovations can improve convenience and empower customers.

Do you have any concerns about how simple it is for organisations to locate our whereabouts though? Let me know in the comments.

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